Sea transport

Undoubtedly, anyone with experience in exporting and importing understands the importance of transportation. Given the amount and volume of cargo sent, the country of the seller and the country of the buyer and many other issues of determining the type of international transport is of considerable importance.
Due to the high volume of maritime exchanges and cargo transportation from inside and outside, as well as passenger transport, codification and knowledge of some of the main laws related to maritime transport can be a good guide for export, import and trade activists.

Maritime transport in the Caspian Sea basin

Maritime transport of all types of hardware, grain, boards, wood, industrial bulk cargo, coke, cement, clinker, iron ore, general goods, project equipment, containers and vehicles

Regular maritime transport lines for export cargo from the northern ports of the country to foreign ports of the Caspian Sea basin

Provide fully competitive shipping rates

Providing the best and easiest conditions for maritime transport of all kinds of goods / issuance of standard bill of lading

Providing free advice to esteemed owners of goods in order to transport safe, fast and cheap goods in the Caspian Sea basin

Supply of standard 20 and 40 foot dry and 40 foot refrigerated containers in all internal and external ports of the Caspian Sea

Maritime transport of all kinds of goods on a regular, safe, fast and standard basis

Shipping container cargo as LINER FULL and DOOR-TO-DOOR

Transportation and rental of 20 and 40 foot dry containers

Transportation of transit cargo from the ports of Far Asia and the Persian Gulf to CIS countries and vice versa

Transportation of cargo and various petroleum products in the Caspian Sea

Representation of foreign ships:

Tankers and general cargo ships in the northern ports of Iran

Internal branches in all northern ports of Iran

Foreign offices in the ports of Astrakhan and Aktau

Unique information network to announce the status of cargo and ships to the esteemed owners of the goods

Maritime transport lines

From: Anzali, Astara, Nowshahr, Fereydunkenar and Amirabad ports to:

Port of Astrakhan / Russian Federation

Port of Makhachkala / Russian Federation

Port of Aktau / Republic of Kazakhstan

Port of Baku / Republic of Azerbaijan

Port of Turkmen Bashi / Republic of Turkmenistan

Volga River Ports / Russian Federation