Import, export, transit

Asa Tejarat Caspian  is one of the service companies active in the field of trade, including importing backgammon and hardware from Russia and exporting non-oil materials and nuts to CIS countries and performing customs services in the Russian port of Astrakhan, which has played a significant role in this category. Despite its management and experienced experts, it has turned the company into a well-known company in the field of trade, customs and customs clearance. During its activity, Asa Tejarat Caspian  has been able to provide various commercial services such as customs clearance, customs, transportation and business consulting to commercial and industrial companies, both governmental and non-governmental, and clears a huge volume of various goods daily. And deliver to customers.

Mastery of the latest regulations and commercial and customs laws, honesty, fidelity and protection of customers' trade secrets, accuracy in calculations, speeding up the affairs of customers have led to Caspian success and customer satisfaction.